"I build a bridge to the employees outside Germany". This is how Aline describes her job. The HR expert manages more than 50 international colleagues in nine different countries, most of them in sales functions. Whether in German, English, Spanish or Portuguese language, Aline maintains close contact. "I want to establish a connection – even abroad, everyone should feel connected to the company," she says. "I want everyone to know: Even if he or she is not located at headquarters, they are still part of the company." Aline adjusts to cultural differences: From salary adjustments to everyday working life - no country is like the other. And when it comes to employment contracts, Aline also has to know and take into account the country-specific peculiarities. "A country with only one employee can take just as much time as a country with ten employees." Aline is responsible for the entire "employee lifecycle" and all the support these employees and their Managers need: from job posting and new hires to new laws that need to be implemented. The contact is primarily online - especially in times of pandemic, of course. But when the employees come to the headquarters for a meeting, Aline is even more pleased.

“Diversity is valued in the company.”


Open and warm-hearted - that's how Aline's colleagues would first characterize her. Because Aline is open for changes. In her native country Brazil, she studied pharmacy in Rio de Janeiro and then completed an MBA in Administration, Leadership and People Management. She worked for more than seven years in human resources at the world's largest brewery group. But then she felt like making a change: together with her fiancé, she moved to Germany. In the summer of 2019, she started at Röhm in Darmstadt. "I felt part of the team from the very beginning," she says. "Diversity is valued in the company. Everyone is aware that different experiences lead to better results." Hessen has become her new home. She is proud that she has been able to develop her German skills so quickly. She continues to go to language classes twice a week. When she still has time, she dances ballet, her new hobby. Aline likes to take on new challenges.