Matt satin elegance and a wide range of design options

  • Novel acrylic glass product for high-quality framing glass and unique fronts for furnishings
  • Perfect for digital back printing
  • The material unites scratch resistance with a velvety touch

Weiterstadt, Germany. Increasing customization and digitalization of our lives is opening up new applications for digital printing. Top-of-the-line wallpaper, for instance, can now be produced on ink-jet printers in full color and at an affordable price. Even products like tiles, laminate flooring, kitchen splashbacks, and furniture fronts can now all be custom designed through the use of digital board printers.

Printing technology is not the only area to see progress, however—major advances in materials have been made as well. The most recent example of materials aimed at digital printing applications is PLEXIGLAS® Optical HCM (hard coated matt), a newly introduced matt, scratch-resistant product from Evonik Industries. This innovative acrylic material was developed especially for use in framing glass and furniture. The direct digital printing method can be used for back-printing onto PLEXIGLAS® Optical HCM, meeting customers’ design specifications while providing a scratch-resistant, matt satin surface.

This combination is unique on the market and, along with the other well-known properties of acrylic glass, such as low grammage and high tensile strength, makes PLEXIGLAS® suitable for lamination onto a wide range of substrates and can be processed in much the same way as wood. When used for furniture fronts, PLEXIGLAS® Optical HCM is the perfect choice for today’s prevailing trend toward matt surfaces.

Manufactured in Germany using a technically complex production process, PLEXIGLAS® Optical HCM is extremely robust and can be cleaned by using common household cleansers. Dirt simply rolls off of its matt surface, which is sure to excite future furniture buyers.

PLEXIGLAS® Optical HCM is also extremely well suited for use in framing glass. Delivering antiglare properties, a high-quality appearance, and considerable freedom for printing colors and designs, this material also produces a fascinating depth effect. The novel acrylic glass also does an excellent job of protecting images, whether printed on the glass or placed behind it, from UV radiation so that the printing inks and ultimately the brilliance of the artwork remain true to the original.

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