the story of Marc
Communications Lead, Americas

I always wanted to work with cars.
Today, I elevate our brand by showcasing the limitless applications of Roehm products – for example in automotive.

After spending time as a Corporate Communications Professional in various industries including Financial, Telecommunications and Entertainment, Marc desired to work at an organization challenging him to utilize and expand his skillset and helping him to grow – inclusive of an environment encouraging creativity.

He found a job fulfilling these elements when he started as the Communications Lead at Roehm America in February 2020. As a content creator with experience in many facets of corporate communications including public relations, writing, design, video production, and social media he enjoys that he can initiate new projects and interact with different teams and colleagues. Marc especially likes the opportunity to build customer engagement and elevate our brand; showcasing the limitless applications of Roehm’s products such as those for the automotive industry.

“I have always had a strong interest in cars and automotive brands. As a content creator, I love the challenge of building strong, memorable brands. I now have the opportunity to build Roehm’s identity as a young company. Roehm’s chemical products have endless possibilities in the automotive industry and beyond – and it’s my job to tell that story.”

THE PRODUCT: ACRYLITE® molding compounds

Our ACRYLITE® polymers represent a new class of modified impact-resistant materials which offer greater performance than other types of the polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) brand. These materials were developed specifically for the demands of automotive construction and, in combination, offer unique opportunities for innovative, high-end automotive design.