Getting the people on board is key

It is no longer debatable that diverse teams achieve better results and are an important success factor. Moreover, people perform at their best when they feel truly respected and can be their authentic selves in the workplace. Setting Diversity & Inclusion goals is important – but without getting everyone in the company to own these goals and live the values behind them, they won’t be reached.


That’s why Röhm has introduced a globally valid Diversity & Inclusion Policy in late 2023. “The policy encourages employees to promote diversity and inclusion, make unbiased decisions, and reflect on their thinking patterns. It is not only a directive for employees but also mandates the company and its leaders to review processes that may con- tribute to inequality,” explains Sibylle Strandt, responsible for Diversity & Inclusion at Röhm. The D&I policy at Röhm represents a structured and strategic approach to embedding diversity and inclusion into the company’s culture and opera- tional practices. Trainings will be rolled out through- out 2024 to introduce the policy’s values and requirements into every-day behavior and deci- sions throughout the company.

Important trainings and workshops have already been carried out in 2023. A cornerstone was the “REFLECT” seminar in Germany on unconscious bias which 90 leaders completed throughout the year. “The feedback was overwhelming. Many executives came back saying that they thought they were unbiased before discovering their under- lying thought patterns and learning how they can be challenged,” points out Sibylle Strandt. “These trainings will be further developed and rolled out to more employees in 2024.”

At the German sites in Worms and Wesseling, workshops were held for employees focusing on several D&I topics including the work‑life balance and the value of teams across generations. “One major way to improve the reconciliation of work and family life is part-time shift work. We conducted surveys to understand our employ- ees’ thoughts and desires on this issue and are developing solutions for those who view part‑ time shift work as crucial to balancing work and family life,” stresses Sibylle Strandt. “We do not want to introduce policies and make rules that do not relate to our people’s realities. That’s why we are reaching out, getting their feedback and designing our measures in a way that they can really bring about the benefits that our col- leagues require and desire.”

“Like a constitution, the policy makes the right of our people to be protected against discrimination formally binding, so that our employees can refer to it, shall the free development of their personality be violated at the workplace.”

Sibylle Strandt
Director Diversity & Inclusion