Our committment to sustainability

For us at Röhm, leading a strong and future-oriented business means to act economically and ecologically sustainable, every step of the way. This includes ensuring safety for all who work with us, preserving precious resources, and striving for continuous improvement of our solutions to protect our planet. We strive for sound corporate governance, complying with all legal requirements and maintaining a balanced control system, and economic sustainability by introducing sustainable market solutions that are viable for the future, for us and our customers.

Our goal is to operate in a way that doesn’t take from future generations. That’s why we have committed to our Track 2030 program, outlining our path to systematically reduce our CO₂ footprint by 30% per ton manufactured product by 2030. This journey has started with a clear understanding of our current position, leading to a precise plan for achieving this reduction.

A key pillar to live up to this commitment is to introduce sustainable technologies and processes. A prime example is our LiMA facility in Bay City, Texas, where the new MMA production technology we created will improve efficiency while saving natural resources. We believe in the approach of constantly improving existing processes or completely rethinking them – that’s what drives our entrepreneurial spirit and our ambition to be “traditionally innovative”. In 2023, we made a significant step by investing in a new Innovation Center in Worms, which complements our research centers in America and Asia.

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our operations. This goes beyond CO₂ reduction and also includes promoting a circular economy and sound water management. In 2023, we expanded our product portfolio across all business areas with the proTerra line, offering sustainable alternatives in all markets. We work closely with our suppliers and give customers a choice: including ISCC certified products as well as new PLEXIGLAS to provide our customers with sustainable choices. The wellbeing and safety of our employees is also at the heart of our commitments. We apply high standards to workplace safety, foster open communication and promote diversity in order to encourage different perspectives and great decisions in all areas. The chemical industry plays a vital role in the green transformation. Systemic improvements, however, can only be achieved together, through sustainable ecosystems along the supply chain. Therefore, we work in close partnerships with suppliers, customers, research partners, and public authorities.