Recycled High-Performance Plastic in Proven Brand Quality

The Acrylic Products business unit from Röhm is bringing a recycled acrylic glass in proven brand quality for semi-finished products to market. The new sheet-product that qualified as particularly sustainable in the context of Röhm's new sustainability program Track 2030 is Röhm’s first product to bear the brand qualifier proTerra.

With a content of about 90 percent recycled acrylic glass, the new product from the PLEXIGLAS® proTerra product family contributes to advancing a circular economy. Advancing a circular economy is initially one of the five most important fields of action to which Röhm is dedicated with Track 2030. “Our goal is to use raw materials sparingly, efficiently and to keep them in circulation for as long as possible. This is where PLEXIGLAS® offers tremendous potential, because on the one hand it is durable and on the other it can also be completely recycled,” says Hans-Peter Hauck, Chief Operating Officer who is also responsible for the topic of sustainability in Röhm's management.

Röhm recycles residual acrylic glass to produce PLEXIGLAS® proTerra. PLEXIGLAS® proTerra is made using a co-extrusion process, with the core of the sheet made of recycled raw material and with the outer layers made of new material. In this way, a sustainable high-performance material with the same properties as other extruded PLEXIGLAS® products is made. PLEXIGLAS® proTerra has a low thickness tolerance and is more break-resistant and lighter than comparable glass geometries. It is easy and flexible to use and has excellent bonding properties. It is also highly resistant to the effects of weathering and aging. This is an essential property for long-lasting and therefore sustainable plastics. The new, environmentally friendly material is available initially as an opaque solid board in black with a glossy coating on both sides. Röhm is planning to expand the product range. With its high-gloss finish, lightness and excellent processability, PLEXIGLAS® proTerra is an inspiring material for exhibition stands and shop designs as well as for interior design.

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