Experience and a passion for the business

The international management team of Röhm has many years of market experience and wide-ranging knowledge in the chemical industry.

Dr. Michael Pack

“Passion for business – that is our driving force in day-by-day business. To find the best solutions for our customers and to maintain and develop our long-term reliable partnerships with them. And of course, our mission is to become the global leader in Methacrylate chemistry worldwide.”

Dr. Hans-Peter Hauck

“Our worldwide integrated production network structure means we are close to our customers and our markets. This allows us to be flexible in aligning our business to the needs of our customers and at the same time ensure supply security around the globe. Together with our customers we want to continue advancing our business and realizing growth potential, paving the way for shared growth in the future.”

Martin Krämer

“We are already a global leader in methacrylate chemistry. And we have lots of potential for further growth. We want to take advantage of this, and our strategy is based on it: Working with our stakeholders to successfully shape the future.”

Benjamin Ling
Regional President Asia

“In Asia remains the highest growth potential for world GDP, so as for Methacrylates. The independence of our company gives us great opportunity to grow our business globally and especially in the region.”

Jack Chenault
Regional President Americas

“The Americas region offers many opportunities for our customers and our new company. We will pursue these opportunities and continue to provide our customers products and solutions they have come to expect from us.”