Röhm 集团的历史

Since Röhm was founded by Dr. Otto Röhm and Otto Haas in 1907, the company has been characterized by pioneering inventions and the courage to break new ground. Röhm is traditionally innovative.

Entrepreneur & Inventor

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Dr. Otto Röhm
1876 - 1939

Otto Karl Julius Röhm 于 1876 年 3 月 14 日出于符腾堡王国的厄林根。他毕业后于 1891 年开始当药剂师助理学徒。

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Otto Haas
1872 - 1960

Otto Haas,1872 年 3 月 15 日生于斯图加特,完成银行学徒后入职斯图加特 Siegle & Co.公司。1903年,他在那里结识了 Otto Röhm。

The company


On September 6, 1907, Dr. Otto Röhm and businessman Otto Haas founded the company Röhm & Haas OHG in Esslingen, Germany. Since then, the company has stood for competence, experience and innovation in methacrylate chemistry.