Tank trucks, tank cars and ships: “We use every possible transport route to get our products to our customers,” says Anna. She is head of operational logistics in Worms. “I like being surprised each morning: Every day is different.” Her working day begins with a team meeting. Shift leaders, administrative staff and, of course, the team leaders meet to find out: “How did night at the plants go? Are we going to be able to finish all the work as planned?” From time to time, Anna has to change plans. “Our work here depends on what happens in production. Any deviations or even disruptions there affect us too.” She often has little time to analyze the situation and make the right decision. She draws on her many years of professional experience in both operations and administration: “It’s a huge advantage to understand exactly how the entire chain from production to logistics works. I’m familiar with all the complexities of the systems.”

“My door is always open for my team.”

Internal Logistics Manager

After completing her training as a chemical technician, Anna took on the role of trainer for junior staff in the chemicals department. She then worked as a plant operator, where her responsibilities included commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of the production facilities. And it was this background that helped her – now a mother of two – to get into logistics. From loading the tank trucks to operating the filling systems, she has handled all the tasks that her 50 employees now perform. She then took on an administrative role, first as a clerk and then as a coordinator. During this time, she also completed her bachelor’s degree in process engineering at Bingen Technical University. Juggling work, family and studies was not always an easy task. “But my superiors have always supported and encouraged me. They recognized my potential - and supported me in my further training.”

Anna has continued her development: As Internal Logistics Manager, she is responsible for initiating continuous improvement processes since January 1st , 2024. “It’s always been my goal to move forward.” Anna is also committed to the further development of her employees: Those who want to advance can count on her support. “My door is always open for my team,” says Anna. “Whenever someone has a concern, I see to it at once.” Her team really appreciates her commitment. She is considered open, honest and direct. For her, it’s important that everyone can have a laugh together. “Five minutes laughing together helps with some of the stress.” In her free time, Anna is involved in parents’ committees for her children and in the IHK examination board for chemical professions. Above all, her family gives her balance and she finds exercise in the open air is the best way for her to recharge. Anna loves cycling or spending time gardening: “It really helps me to switch off.”