"There's always something new to learn!" Anlan particularly likes the fact that there is no routine in her job. At the Shanghai site, she is responsible for coordinating projects in the area of mergers and acquisitions. Her tasks vary among project management, financial consulting, and presentations.

“There is always something new to learn.”

M&A Manager

In addition to coordination, communication plays an important role: "I'm in contact with a wide variety of shareholders." She has set herself a goal to gain as much experience as possible at the beginning of her career: "That way I'll be ready for anything later on!" She is always ready to shoulder the responsibility for new projects. "This gives young people the opportunity to grow with their tasks." She also adapts quickly to changing requirements, and her colleagues appreciate her creativity. This is an indispensable quality, especially in brainstorming sessions which are often part of her everyday work.

Anlan looks to the future with excitement. "I'm always curious about the unknown." She also enjoys venturing into unfamiliar territory in her free time. "I like to travel the most," she says. Otherwise, Anlan is enthusiastic about the fine arts: she paints, draws, and visits exhibitions.