Structure is the keyword. Heinz works in the Procurement department at the Darmstadt site. When people outside the field ask him about his day-to-day work after the work day is finished, he explains his job as follows: “In Procurement, I am responsible our processes (taking care for the interfaces), what’s all around the operational execution of orders and last but not least for a sustainable Röhm procurement of all goods and services. Here it is mandatory to be in line with laws, regulations and legal guidelines of ESG (Environment Social Governance) standards on a global- and regional scope. During these workflows, he needs to manage many stakeholders — internally and suppliers. “I like giving a structure to the whole processes which are intended to be transparent so that they can be carried out easily,” and figure out “who contributes what in the process to ensure that everything runs smoothly?” It is impossible without clear communication: “We have internal connections across all of Röhm.” As much as he has become reliant on video conferences—especially since the pandemic—Heinz greatly values personal conversations. “They are crucial for good collaboration.”

“I can rely on my team even in exceptional situations”

Heinz, Procurement

“I have the most fun dealing with employees. I am proud of my team. They motivate me. It’s nice to constantly work with wonderful people.” Heinz can also rely on this team in exceptional situations—such as when something unforeseen happens or if decisions need to be made quickly. For instance, in the summer when little water flows in the Rhine river. “There is a risk of a delay in delivery since ships cannot transit. So we need to make new arrangements, such as switching to rail or road.” While they are certainly not an everyday occurrence, these kinds of unexpected events can occur immediately. “Being well-prepared and, of course, having plenty of experience helps us in these instances.” All in all, Heinz can now look back on a wealth of experience. After finishing his studies in business administration in Zurich, the Swiss native has gone through various functions abroad. Started in the European surrounding, he spend several years in Brazil for Degussa/Evonik including responsible for the regional Procurement — “Things have now come full circle.”

The friendly relationships, the direct communication channels: “I value the spirit of Röhm.” Thanks to this team spirit, it’s easy for Heinz to face upcoming challenges. “We are still expanding Procurement processes globally. We still have a lot of work to do here.” The rollout of the new SAP system is an additional project that keeps him busy. “Of course, a lot of communication is also required there.” This willingness to communicate, along with a sense of humor, is well-received among employees. He unwinds from his day-to-day work with cycling and skiing. In the summer time  he often rides by MTB  to work in the morning, all the way from his home in Frankfurt to Darmstadt – and back. “That’s quality of life.” For him, quality of life is also visiting the weekly market on a Vespa-scooter with his wife on Saturdays to buy from regional farmers. “Frankfurt is the best town for me.” And he often impresses friends from all over the world with the view from the Goethe Tower to the “Mainhattan Skyline”. “We really appreciate being able to meet our friends often and intend to spend time with them regularly.”