“I can design my daily routine at work: I can control how I manage my projects,” says Marco. “Of course I am responsible for my results. But it’s up to me how to reach the goal.” The Quality Management Officer appreciates the trust in him. At the Worms production site, together with four other employees, he ensures that products of the highest possible quality are manufactured. “If there is a complaint, every effort is taken to find out the cause as quickly as possible so that we can offer the customer a prompt and satisfying solution. That’s my absolute top priority. I literally drop everything for that.“

“Anyone who wants to develop his career will be supported.”

Quality Manager

Marco has been with the company for more than twenty years - since his training as an industrial mechanic, which he began when he was 17 years old. “Many of my colleagues from back then are also still here. Anyone who wants to develop his career, will be supported.” This is very important to Marco. That is why he is happy to recommend his employer to others. Most recently he advised a young neighbor to do an industrial internship at Röhm. Parallel to his job, he earned his Bachelor’s of Engineering, and then also studied process engineering. At Worms site, he worked in various positions. In July 2021, Marco started in Quality Management: “I had ambitions to take the next step in my professional development.” I was ready to leave my comfort zone to take that step and to face new tasks and challenges.“

One of these challenges was to develop a method for measuring devices. Existing systems are to be improved so that they can take faster measurements. Thanks to Marco's innovation, a process that used to take days is shortened down to one minute. It is a massive time saving, which is important for timely product release. "When I set my mind to something, I do it. In the team, I am considered very persistent.” A characteristic that also shows up in his free time: Encouraged by his colleagues from the company sports group, he discovered the triathlon for himself. He will soon be taking part in the Ironman in Hamburg.